Inground pool installation and major landscaping. We had an inground pool installed by Marc LeBlanc from Pools for Home fall of 09. The job was very difficult as it required major retaining wall installation to accommodate a sloping grade as we back on to a ravine. Marc was the only contractor we spoke with who had both the vision and confidence to tackle the job. My wife and I had even hired a a landscape architect to redesign the yard, but we weren't happy with the outcome and had become frustrated with our lack of options. However, Marc understood right away what it was we were trying to accomplish and was able to design something that matched what were looking for - a yard that has a balance of useable lawn, play structure and pool. We regularly get a "wow" compliment from visitors - especially those who knew what our yard looked like before. In addition to the pool, Marc also installed yard lighting, a fire pit, and introduced us to an excellent carpenter who constructed a pergola and pool equipment screen.

The installation took slightly longer than planned, but it was a tricky job. The craftsmanship is excellent, as has been the post installation support. Marc is always responsive and I have never had to chase him down for even the smallest request. It is obvious that he takes pride in his work and that he knows what he is doing.

The work we had done was not cheap and it is not for most people's budgets. However, I am delighted by the outcome and glad we took Marc's advice throughout various aspects of the project. As the saying goes - you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend Pools for Home to anyone considering a new pool or replacement of an existing pool.

Steve in Oakville - 2009


New pool instalation, water feature and mermaid, mega arbel decking, lighting, patio with sitting walls, plus front yard flagstone patio, steps, decking and stone wall with 4 posts. After receiving 7 quotes we selected Pools For Home (PFH). Their price was in the middle, but we were impressed with their references, their quality, their experience with inpool steps and the fact they could do the stone decking as well as the pool. We were very pleased with the results - everyone calls our backyard an Oasis. Marc's staff are very thorough (and fun to work with). Marc is very hands-on and is readily available anytime you need to contact or see him. At least 2 families in the neighbourhood also selected PFH after seeing how our backyard turned out. Marc's team also worked well with the carpentry company that we hired for the fence, pavilion and upper cedar deck. Marc is pragmatic, explaining when ideas won't work. He frequently offered suggestions to reduce our costs. We were also pleased with how clean they left the yard every night and they never left dirt or stone on the street, which the Developer was watching for. Bottom line - we're very thankful we selected Pools For Home and couldn't have been happier with our back and front yards.

Ralph & Josie in Oakville - 2009


Pool. We are extremely happy with the pool that Pools For Home built for us. We were even more impressed with the customer service. We probably drove him crazy with the endless phone calls inquiring about everything and anything to do with our new pool, which he was very patient and helpful with. His plumbing work it outstanding and he uses all high end equipment. His knowledge in the pool industry is far greater than most pool companies. His prices are on the higher end but you get what you pay for in the long run. We recommend them all the time.

Karley in Oakville - 2008


Custom pool, waterfall, hardscape - stone side steps, stone patio and walkway, landscape. After sourcing several pool companies at various price points and levels of service, we chose Pools For Home. We have been thoroughly satisfied and thrilled with our new pool and total backyard renovation! Marc did everything, from the design of the pool (with our input) to all the dealings with the town and inspectors, to the laying of concrete, stone side steps (a tricky undertaking with all the rain), walkway and stone patio, all landscape lighting and even help with the remodeling of our existing second level deck and extensive trellis work! All our fears regarding the digging, grading and permits involved with a pool build were totally allayed and this is important as digging commenced during the worst, rainy summer on record! The crew was great and were more than accommodating. It's been three years since the completion of the work and the after service care has been exceptional. Marc has even come out to change bulbs in the garden lights! Opening and closing services are offered and the guys are great. We would highly recommend Pools for Home to anyone and we have received numerous compliments on our backyard. Our backyard is the summer destination!

Stephanie in Oakville - 2008


New Pool, Water Feature, Stamped Concrete Decking. Having met with several of the local pool contractors, I met Marc. Marc understood my vision and brought his wealth of expertice and experience to the table to create a one of a kind backyard oasis.

One thing I learned from Marc is that there is more to a pool than a hole with water in it. Selection of the correct pool equipment and automation was as important as the final design of the oasis.

One can not be fooled by all the "Pools Cheap" contractors out there. There is a reason why you need to upgrade that pump, add automation and don't forget about the auto fill feature. After all, you can call Pioneer and get the spring special that comes with a motor that you can hear three houses away, has no floor drains so if your water level runs below your skimmer, you burn out the motor. Oh and they use that cheap 1 1/2" black water pipe. I know you don't see it, but how would you like to break up your deck to replace a piece of this pipe. Install the oversized 2" pipe designed for this purpose.

I would never do a project like this based upon low bid. That means corners and talent are being cut. You might think you are buying a decent pump, when in fact it is substandard. The same goes for the heater and all the other equipment.

Overall, it was a great experience and I can't say enough about Marc's knowledge and professionalism. Marc is very hands on. You deal with him start to finish and he is there for all the critical elements.

I was not an easy customer. You will find that as your yard starts to take shape you will add elements as I did. Marc handles this process very well, even when they are non-traditional elements that task his creativity. It may push your completion back, but you need to understand that if you add major elements in the process, it does back things up. Patience is something you need to have with any major project.

Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed. He is worth the extra $$.

Tom in Oakville - 2008


Pool With Large Deck / Basic Landscaping. Marc/Poolsforhome completed our backyard oasis in a timely (adjusting for weather) and professional fashion.

The company's pricing is somewhere in-between the high volume/low cost dealers and the really high-end high-dollar contractors.

However, we believe we received a premium product/project from the company a fair price. We valued the owners hands on participation in the project and found him to be very personable, accessible, and a man of his word.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, the after sales service has been excellent. As can often be the case with these large projects we have had some minor issues after installation and they were very quickly dealt with.

Overall, good value from a professional company that offers premium workmanship and backs it up after the fact.

DMG in Oakville - 2007